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Mélange NeuroMassage partners with local community businesses and small company owners to provide you with highly recommended colleagues within their respective field. From medical professionals to financial advisors, we vet local businesses and recommend all of our guests to connect with these dedicated individuals committed to providing you quality service.

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Dr. Karson Foster, D.C.

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Cross Timbers Chiropractic serves all ages, from newborns (Dr. Foster himself was first adjusted when he was just 15 minutes old) to over 100! We help athletes, artists, office workers, manual laborers, mothers, mom-to-be’s, and everyone in between. Ask us TODAY how chiropractic can be of service in your life!

Dr. Clayton Clark, D.C.

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Dr. Clark is a modern chiropractor and clinical nutritionist who sees people in San Antonio with many different types of health issues. He gets significant improvements and lasting results when other practitioners (doctors and chiropractors) are unable to help.

Dr. Clayton L. Clark, a Palmer grad, and the rest of his team at Aloha Wellness provide the latest in the treatment of acute and chronic conditions in the San Antonio area. If you need a chiropractor for a manual adjustment to ease pain or discomfort or a clinical nutritionist to help you jumpstart a healthier lifestyle, then call us at (210) 610-2812.

SUP 4Team

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SUP 4Team is a non-profit 501c3 providing (S)tand (U)p (P)addleboarding 4 (T)eachers, (E)mergency Responders (A)nd (M)ilitary/Veterans and families.

Paddleboarding with a commitment to helping servant leaders. Our team is dedicated to bringing SUP and all its benefits to the servants among us. We are convinced of the therapeutic value of water sport in helping those whose service to others has often come with the burden of stress and isolation.

Charmaine - Nutrition Coach

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The drive to help you with your health goals comes from a place where I know we all lack.

I've helped the sick, grieved with the dying, and had the privilege to donate "life". I've seen enough to know that helpers ie nurses like me, need help too.

Your Health is your Wealth.

Tara Linerode - Owner The MedSpa Co.

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Tara initiated her nursing journey in 2007, traversing a diverse path that has ultimately led her to the thrilling field of aesthetics. As a floor nurse, she gained valuable experience in multiple specialties, including Emergency Medicine, PACU (Recovery Room), and Orthopedics.

Subsequently, Tara ventured into the medical device industry, focusing on spine and regenerative medicine. Throughout her remarkable journey, Tara discovered her passion for education and began coaching on health & nutrition, in recent years.

Her hope within the aesthetics realm is to guide clients on a transformative path towards embracing their inherent beauty by taking a natural approach to rejuvenating their youthful radiance.

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