We believe in the power of massage and its ability to promote healing through preventative care and relaxation. Our team of massage therapists are here to help our clients achieve a healthy balance between their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. 

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We provide comprehensive bodywork services that can help relieve pain, improve posture, and reduce stress. Every session also includes self-care instructions to prolong relief between massage sessions. Areas we specialize in include:

- Motor Vehicle Accidents

- Work & Sports related injuries

- Chronic Pain

-Sciatic Syndrome


- Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome

- Depression / Addiction Recovery

Our treatments are tailored to each client's need and recommended in 3 month increments. Depending on the severity of your symptoms, up to 8 sessions a month may be necessary to achieve improved wellness. 


We specialize in medical massage services and strive to be your go-to specialist for your overall wellness. Our experienced staff is committed to providing you with a personalized approach for your wellness needs.


We offer both in-office and wellness events, as well as affordable treatment plans that are tailored to your needs. Whether you’re dealing with sports injuries or chronic pain from stress, our team is here to help you maintain your self-care.


Introducing our Wellness platform that will keep you updated on health tips, videos, and more directly on your device. Download details onto your mobile device for your added convienence!

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Heated blanket exclusive

Heated massage table

Great getaway from your day-to-day

Unlimited massage oil options

Chilled silk eye mask

No travel fees included


No traffic coming or going to office

Relax in your own home

Enjoy your massage high longer

Save on gas and time

Freedom to pick your ideal spot

Experience Mélange through our in-office location or try our premier wellness or corporate events.


Mélange offers a variety of premium additions that can be included on top of your desired service. We offer memberships that include complimentary add-ons throughout the month for you to enjoy without extra charge! 

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Without a proper self-care routine and healthy lifestyle choices, our mind and body become used to discomfort, and teaches itself how to live within its restrictions subconsciously.  


We work to continue learning on how to better suite each soul. Every experience will be different from the last as your body returns to a more relaxed state with each service. 

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Earn in-store credit towards free treatments on each service purchased, membership or package renewal.


"Peter was professional and patient with my needs. My doctor recommended some medical massage therapy for my shoulder pain and Peter definitely provided immediate relief. I will be returning for continuos therapy. Thank you Peter!"

Sharon Tavarez, Realtor

“Great massage. This is my third massage, my lower back was in bad shape, at about 8/10 pain level. I’m now at about a 2/10 and getting better. Every massage results in a decrease of pain and an increase in mobility!”

Francisco Solis, Retired Veteran

"His intuition and thorough understanding of trigger points and imbalances was extremely apparent in properly treating my neck, back, shoulders, and hips. I felt immediate relief that I haven’t felt in years, and after doing weekly sessions over the last month and a half."

Marianne Bryce, Insurance Agent

“Since all of us have different stressors and different injuries - different bodies and experiences - a massage therapist who reads the muscular landscape like a topographical map makes all the difference.”

Jane Mannock, Professor

"From start to finish the experience is lightyears ahead of most therapists that you’ll encounter. Any issues you may have from trigger point tension to adhesion, he WILL provide relief and healing. Vibes match the upper echelon massage skills as well."

Nina Gamble, Health Care Professional

“Mélange Neuro is the place to book your massage! They have a super easy app to use and book your appointments through. They even have a membership program so you can actively take care of you and your body monthly.”

Blair Werline, Pastry Chef

“Peter was great! He's very professional. He first determines where your pain is and then lets you know how he will go about treating it. I have sciatica and he helped me with a lot of my pain after one session. Loved the ice eye mask and the music as well!"

Courtney Fairchild, Contractor